API 5CT, Casing, Tubing and Conductor
Size Range (OD): 1.660" – 20" Process: Seamless / ERW
Grades: J-55, K-55, N-80, L-80, HC L-80, 13CR, 22CR, 25CR, P-110, HC P-110, Q-125, Sour Service.
Connections: API and Premium Connections
Accessories: Pup Joints and Cross-Overs.
Coating: ID / OD Coated, Poly and Epoxy

API 5D / API Spec. 7, and API RP7G, Drill Pipe
Size Range (OD): 3 1/2"- 5 1/2", and Heavy Weight
Grades: E75, X95, G105, Z140, V150

API 11B, Sucker Rods
Size Range (OD): 5/8"- 1 1/8", 25' and 30' Lengths
Grades: API and High Strength
Couplings: "T" and Spray Metal, Full Size and Slimhole.

API and ASTM Conductor Pipe
Size Range (OD): 10" – 36"
Schedules: Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 100, 120, 160, XXH
Grades: PSL1 and PSL2
Connectors: Plain End/Bevel for Piling/Driving/Welding, Threaded, or with Weld-on Connectors